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Community Room

The community room is a highly adaptable space designed to cater to a wide range of activities and events. It offers a generous and flexible layout that can accommodate a variety of functions. Whether you’re planning a meeting, a seminar, a workshop, or a social gathering, this venue space has you covered.

With a maximum capacity of approximately 60 people in a theatre-style setup, the community room is an ideal choice for presentations, lectures, and other events where attendees need to focus on a speaker or presentation. The theatre-style arrangement ensures that everyone has a clear view of the front, making it perfect for educational workshops, training sessions, and keynote addresses.


If you prefer a more intimate and collaborative setting, the community room can comfortably host up to 30 people in a boardroom-style configuration. This setup is well-suited for smaller meetings, group discussions, and workshops where participants need to interact closely with each other. The boardroom layout encourages open dialogue and is ideal for brainstorming sessions, committee meetings, and strategy planning.

The versatility of this venue space doesn’t stop at its seating arrangements. The room is equipped with modern audiovisual equipment, ensuring that your presentations run smoothly and effectively. High-quality sound systems, projectors, and screens are available to enhance the overall experience for your guests or participants.


Furthermore, the community room offers flexible furniture arrangements, allowing you to customize the space to suit your event’s specific needs. Whether you require a classroom setup for training sessions, a U-shape arrangement for interactive discussions, or an open space for networking and social events, this room can be tailored to your preferences.

The room is also well-lit and tastefully decorated, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for your guests. It’s equipped with climate control to ensure the comfort of everyone in attendance. Additionally, there are breakout areas and refreshment stations nearby, making it convenient for attendees to take short breaks and recharge during longer events.

Overall, the community room’s adaptability and capacity make it an excellent choice for a wide range of gatherings, from professional meetings and workshops to social events and community get-togethers. With its modern amenities and customizable options, it’s the perfect space to ensure your event is a success.

Venue DescriptionThe community room is a versatile area, with plenty of space available for activities. The community room has a maximum capacity of approximately 60 people theatre style and 30 people boardroom style.
Capacity60 peopleSpace500 Sq FtExtrasProjector+ScreenShare

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